Dürs Füür - 2017

Dürs Füür - 2017

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A group of adventurous musicians have discovered the entrance to the realm of legends and fairy tales. Astonished, they go deeper and deeper into this wondrous and unearthly world, soon forgetting their way back home!

Released in 2017.

Track List: 

1. Summerching
2. Dürs Füür
3. Märliland
4. Feschtwäse u wo si z'finge si
5. Es brucht nid meh
6. Dür Nacht und Wind
7. Huracán
8. Flamme
9. Bösi Wünsch
10. Perelín
11. Ir Herbärg
12. Mi Musig
13. Dampfwalzer
14. Heiwäg
15. Sunnenufgang

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